Capital markets law and limited liability companies law, research centre Compliance

The Chair is not only the co-editor of the Cologne commentary (Kölner Kommentar) on the German Securities Trading Act (WpHG) but also deals with the Cologne commentary on the German Securities Acquisition and Takeover Act (WpÜG). The Chair further does research on Capital markets law and limited liability companies law. In order to present a commentary, a European and comparative methodology is indispensable. Our longstanding research activities on this field will be integrated into University teaching and our consulting work. The current financial crisis has made it clear that the capital markets law is increasingly gaining importance. For this reason, we regularly follow any discussions on reforms. The lecture series “Credit rating agencies under new US and EU law – important steps or much ado about nothing?” held by Prof Möllers at the Universities of Washington, Chicago and Johannesburg in the spring of 2009 met great interest. The corruption affair at Siemens and the current scandal at MAN have made it obvious that functioning compliance systems are absolutely indispensable to prevent the violation of applicable law. The research centre aims to abolish any deficits of knowledge or implementation and to provide a corresponding information medium in the form of the compliance databank. The complexity of questions exceeds one field of law. For this reason, the success of the research centre is mainly based on the cooperation of the participating professors whose expertise in the fields of company law, labour law (Prof Kort), capital markets law (Prof Möllers), cartel law (Mr Heinichen) and economic criminal law (Prof Rotsch) will be integrated into the research activities.