Serge Senzedi: „HIV-AIDS as an ethical challenge to theology and the Church in Congo. A contextual contribution to the AIDS problem."

Although the AIDS problem has received less attention in the last years, the virus, due to the high number of victims it has been claiming, continuous to be a serious threat. In Congo, millions of people are considered directly or indirectly affected. For this reason, the topic AIDS should be approached from a theological point of view. Classical contributions by the Catholic Church are solely based on individuals. In my opinion, however, they only insufficiently deal with the subject in view of the economic, social and religious impacts of the disease. While focussing on the Congolese region, I intend to carry out a survey on strategies employed by the African culture to solve the AIDS problem. My dissertation will be subdivided into three parts: An outline of the AIDS situation in Congo, the answers to this problem given by the Church and society, and a development of an approach to a more effective handling of the epidemic in view of the African culture.