Schulbibel Sekundarstufe 1

“My school bible” is an aesthetic and well-conceived edition of a catholic school bible for 7 to 12 year old children which is used in all German dioceses (with the exception of Berlin and Cologne). The school bible used by older children in secondary schools goes back to 1980 and therefore does not meet today’s standards of aesthetic layout, selection of texts or modern didactics. On behalf of the Conference of German Bishops a revised translation is being prepared which is to serve as a binding basis. For this reason, a new school bible for secondary schools is to be conceived which, on the one hand, fulfils the scientific requirements and, on the other hand, meets today’s didactical and aesthetical standards. In accordance with the provisions of the Conference of German Bishops a new school bible is to be conceived. Simultaneously, didactical text material will be prepared with the aid of which the work with the future school bible can be reflected and realised.

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