Studies on the reception of the image of women as perceived in late Antiquity and early Christianity, as well as on the social roles of women in early Manichaeism

The functions of women within their cultural context are to be analysed on the basis of original Manichaen sources and polemic writings with special consideration to literary Coptic, Greek as well as to non-literary texts. Included in this study is the Manichaen reception of the image of women in the New Testament and in Early Christianity as well as various conceptions of femininity in the Manichaen myth.

Due to the great number of Manichaen sources dating back to several centuries, it would be sensible to limit the analysis to the early, ie pre-Islamic, sources. We will examine to what extent old traditions are reflected in late original sources.

From the year 2010 onward this project will be funded for two years by the Brigitte and Martin Krause Foundation.