Johannes Geiler von Kaysersberg: „Berg des Schauens“

This project centers on the sermon cycle ‘Berg des Schauens’ by Johann Geiler von Kaysersberg, of which nine manuscripts and two incunables survive. Geiler, the most prominent German preacher of the 15th century, delivered these sophisticated sermons to an enthusiastic Augsburg audience between September 29 and December 28, 1488 on the occasion of his visit to his friend Friedrich von Zollern, who had become Bishop of Augsburg in 1486. In his sermons Geiler dealt with central aspects of the teachings of Jean Gerson, the most influential theologian of the 15th century. The form in which the early manuscripts transmit the sermons is unique, in that they were transcribed by a listener in Geiler’s audience based on his schematic notes; later Geiler himself resorted to Gerson’s work again to create a more exact version of the cycle for a monastic audience. The main objectives of the project are: 1) A detailed analysis of Geiler’s adaptation of Gerson’s theology, i.e. his selective principles and the rhetorical strategies employed in explaining complex theological issues to an audience of illiterati, 2) an examination of the adaptation process as it is manifested in the early manuscripts, and 3) an edition of the various versions.