The Narrative Poetics of the Lyricist Eduard Mörike. Between Classicism/Romanticism and Realism

For a some decades, research has discussed the narrative works of the lyricist Eduard Mörike more intensively than ever, particularly his first and only novel “Maler Nolten”. This dissertation centres on the literary works which he compiled himself in the collectors’ volume “Vier Erzählungen” in 1856 which gives evidence of the literary development of the narrator Mörike from the Nolten novel (1832) to the Mozart novella (1856). However, it has been neglected by research so far. By a discourse on the aesthetical peculiarity and literary-historical connections, the narrative poetics of the lyricist, who left behind only few remarks on his narrative theory, is restored and compared with the previous or following literary flow, respectively. Thus, the change of époque at the transition between Weimar Classicism/Romanticism towards (poetical) realism is included into the dissertation and the literary-historical significance of the narrator’s works is examined.