The scientific discourse in the romance languages

The scientific discourse in the romance languages / Le discours scientifiques dans les langues romanes / Il discorso scientifico nelle lingue romanze

he heterogeneity of national scientific styles has been neglected not only with respect to possible linguistic results, but also with a view to expected stimuli for the inter-cultural communication research (and didactics of foreign languages). It has been gaining particular importance due to the rapidly progressing linguistic standardisation of the scientific market (compare Bourdieu) where English has increasingly become the dominating lingua franca. For the romanistic scientist the romance scientific languages continue to be the central basis of her/his scientific work and an integrative component of her/his linguistic socialisation in the academic sector. However, she/he should ask herself/himself in which way scientific types of text, their traditions of discourse and thus academic writing in the romance languages is affected by the internationalisation of research, the participation in the international scientific public, and, last but not least the increasingly important modification of communication techniques. The Chair examines the linguistic areas of France, Italy and the francophone Canada.