• School Culture, Gender Segregation and Socialisation of Girls

  • A comparison between elections and electoral systems Prof. Dr. Rainer-Olaf Schultze (Politikwissenschaft)
    This project comprises several partial projects on elections, voting conduct and parties mainly in Germany, the US and Canada. Part of a finalised project was an international convention in May 2002 followed by a book project “Conservative Parties and Right-Wing Politics in North America: Reaping the Benefits of an Ideological Victory?”, edited by Roland Sturm and Dagmar Eberle, Opladen 2003, and contributions on “Elections in the Americas. A Date Handbook”, edited by Dieter Nohlen, Oxford UP. Within the framework of a dissertation we have further examined the strategic application of digital information and communication technologies by parties in North America. Also, we will study “Germany” in Elections in Europe.