Use of weblog technologies in university teaching

Support of self-organised knowledge construction and knowledge organisation: web publishing technologies in the context of complex learning processes

  • To enable students to learn in a self-controlled and self-organised manner has been described as an important pedagogical goal for years. Increasingly, students will be required to define their needs, choose material, etc in order to cope with the professional and practical requirements of the 21rst century. For this reason, it is important to support the required competencies.
  • Due to the increasing availability of web technologies in educational institutions, households and work environments, new possibilities have arisen to support self-organised learning as well as to establish tools and action patterns which can be used in different areas of life.
  • A particular feature of self-organised learning projects lies in the fact that their process behaviour is hardly foreseeable, goals and strategies change and expectations have to be adjusted.
  • While conventional instruction design tries to anticipate and shape learning processes as completely as possible, new methodological and technological ideas are required for the support of self-organised knowledge construction.
  • In this context dynamic systems for “personal web publishing” and “weblogging” are a promising technology for a “learning environment design” which can meet the special requirements of self-organised learning processes.