Development of a didactically coherent blended learning arrangement for microsystems technology

The significance of coherent didactics in blended learning arrangements. Media-didactic concept of a blended learning environment comprising elements of game-based learning in micro systems technology at the Munich TU.

  • The project is part of a common dissertation project / cooperation project carried out by Carolin Dehne and Frederic Adler: “Interdisciplinary development and realisation of a blended learning project and a knowledge-based game software for students of microsystems technology.”
  • The goal of the media-didactic conception lies in the development of a coherent didactics model for a blended learning arrangement which includes various approaches of teaching and learning. The various aspects of this complex object include behaviouristic, cognitive and constructivistic approaches.
  • An important element of coherent didactics in this project consists in the integration of a new game-based learning approach which discusses the benefit of computer games with respect to learning and the emotional and motivational requirements which are to be fulfilled by the content of learning. This particular field of blended learning is discussed in the work of Frederic Adler.
  • With respect to the didactic embedding of the blended learning arrangement, the promotion of competencies of graduates from the field of engineering will be considered.