Persönliche Weblogs für verteiltes Wissensmanagement

Persönliche Weblogs für Verteiltes Wissensmanagement. Zwischen SteuerungsPhilosophie und WerkzeugBegriff

* The past years have seen a variety of knowledge management initiatives. Some of them have been successful, while others have not come up to expectations. The causes are complex, ranging from problems in respect of infrastructure to competence deficits of staff and structural barriers preventing knowledge from being passed on.

* A central reason for the difficulties of knowledge management in large organisations lies in a centralistic approach. Staff members frequently do not feel represented by these initiatives.

* During the past years new software tools have been introduced in companies, which are considered suitable to provide a solution for the dilemma as described above. These developments are characterised by such catchwords as “Web 2.0” and “Social software”.