Constructivistic bible didactics

During the past 10 years the term „systemic-constructivistic“ has come to stand for a new approach which has gradually been received in religious didactics, too. However, this concept of a systemic-constructivistic didactics and pedagogics at the same time fascinates and frightens the students of religious didactics. Those in favour of this concept see a chance of adapting the pedagogics of religion to the new educational-political and cultural developments and to meet the challenges of the era following the PISA studies. A constructivistically-oriented didactics of religion intends to help pupils integrate their life worlds and life histories, individualise learning processes and strengthen their communicative skills. Critics of didactical constructivism claim that religion and constructivism are principally incompatible. The project examines whether and to what extent the concept of systemic-constructivistic didactics and pedagogics is compatible with didactics of religion, and which impulses will be generated for a Bible didactics which is not primarily text-based but on subject-based.