• Wage Rigidities and Unemployment Prof. Dr. Alfred Maußner (Empirische Makroökonomik)
    Assessment of the consequences for the labour market caused by rigid wages by means of statistical and dynamical general balance models.

  • Market Frictions, Money and Economic Cycle Prof. Dr. Alfred Maußner (Empirische Makroökonomik)
    In friction-free cyclical models monetary shocks cause effects on the employment situation which are contradictory to empirical experience. Can this circumstance be changed by market frictions such as market power, costs of price adjustment and wage contracts? Initial simulation results based on calculable cyclical models show that this is in fact possible. In the search for persistence mechanisms, learning by doing and human capital investments, among other things, are taken into account.

  • Capacity Control in Revenue Management Prof. Dr. Robert Klein (Mathematische Methoden der Wirtschaftswissenschaften)
    Revenue Management stands for one of the most successful fields of application where operations research is applied and which originates in the airline industry. It consists of a method mix of demand prognosis, price differentiation and capacity control. In literature and above all in practice numerous approaches for capacity control in passenger transportation have been developed by airlines. A comparison of such approaches with respect to their quality has so far been carried out only to a limited extent. For this reason, a simulation environment has been created in JAVA which permits such comparisons under uniform frame conditions. It thus becomes possible to apply existing procedures to an extended range of problems such as arise in freight transport, sale of package tours or car rental. Furthermore, alternative mechanisms of control have been developed which are not based on a certain number of products to be sold, but instead on minimum prices for using the required resources which can be designated as opportunity costs.