• Solution of Stochastic, Dynamic General Equilibrium Models Prof. Dr. Alfred Maußner (Empirische Makroökonomik)
    Stochastic, dynamic general equilibrium models have become an important tool for macro economists. To solve these models a number of methods from the branch of numeric mathematics is available. This project examines the accuracy of different solution methods and looks into the question of which of the methods are transferable to models with a large state space.

  • Simultaneous Capacity and Price Control Dipl.-Kfm. Michael Becher, M.A. (Produktions- und Umweltmanagement)
    The field of research is the dynamic control of capacities and prices within the demand-oriented revenue management with the objective of exploiting the revenue potential of a company.

    Fuzzy Expert Controllers are used in the heuristic implementation of this problem to reach the objective in the context of stochastic customer demand and willingness to pay.

    Application cases besides the goods distribution (simultaneous capacity and price control) are the capacity control in the waste incineration industry and the price control in hotels.