OPDIS - Open Product Data Information System - sub-project 2

The aim of the open product information system (OPDIS) is to create mobile applications for product-related consumer information. For this, OPDIS consists of 3 components: (1) OPDIS-KNOW a server-based product information system which manages information about a product in a structured form. This system can also include other sources of information, and allows applications to make system requests e.g., a request based on a barcode value. OPDIS KNOW will answer this question with all known information about the product, which includes structured, unstructured, and user-generated information. (2) OPDIS-FRAME is based on OPDIS KNOW and a mobile application development framework which simplifies the implementation of mobile applications. The framework will be implemented within this project for both iPhone and Android platforms. (3) OPDIS-APP exemplarily applies the components of OPDIS KNOW and OPDIS-FRAME in practice. The application will allow users to scan products with their iPhone or Android phone and provide information about the ingredients as well as the practical importance of quality labels and manufacturer. Furthermore, consumer can quickly identify whether the manufacturer behaves ethically, e.g., by the assumption of social responsibility or by high voluntary standards of environmental protection.