Transcript of Records (ToR)

If you need a "Transcript of Records" at the end of your stay, please follow the instructions sent to you by e-mail and the Last Steps Guide. The Transcript of Records can only be created once you have entered your exams in Mobility-Online and the lecturers have sent us all "Scheine" (course confirmations).

If you have to leave earlier and need to submit your Transcript of Records quickly to your home university, please talk to your lecturers/professors!

The completion of the Transcript of Records depends on how long it takes to deliver the certificates to the Erasmus Office. The faster the Erasmus+ Office receives your transcripts the faster you will receive your Transcript of Records!


The completed Transcript of Records will be uploaded to your Mobility-Online-Account. The original will be sent by mail to your home university.

If you go home before the end of the semester and live in one of the dormitories of the Studentenwerk Augsburg, you have to get a document from the dormitory office which confirms that you have paid your rent by the end of the semester (document "Departure: Residence Form", "Accommodation Form").

This document, signed by you and by the dormitory office, you will present to the Erasmus+ office for signature.

If you do not submit this document and you do not pay your rent properly by the end of the semester, the Erasmus+Office reserves the right not to issue your Transcript of Records for the time being and to inform your home university about the case.

De-Registration at the Erasmus+Office

Shortly before your departure (2-5 days prior), please come to the Erasmus+Office for your de-registration and bring the following documents with you:

  1. Accommodation Form 
  2. Certificate of Attendance (CoA)