Students from non-EU-countries have to proof at the foreign authority that they have enough money for living in Germany for at least one year. The foreign law is bound on the Federal Training Assistance Act (BAföG). You need a proof of at least 10.236,- euros.



►Good to know!  As the BaföG rate has recently raised the proof for foreign students also raised. 

From the  1st of january 2020 the proof of financial has been raised to 10.236,- euros (853,- euros per month)  



There are the following options:

  • either the confirmation of financial support (“Verpflichtungserklärung“) from a person according to §68 “Aufenthaltsgesetz“
  • or a German bank account balancing at 10.236,- euros
  • Notification of a scholarship, e.g. by the DAAD, from which it follows that you have at least 853 euros per month at your disposal.
    Important! Certification drawn up by notaries abroad or in Germany will not be accepted by the foreign authority. Sometimes, a German Embassy will accept notarial attestation for a visa application. However, this is not sufficient for a residence permit.