Are you planing a semester abroad* or an international internship?


For students from non-EU-countries it is essential that:


each kind of residence permit expires if you stay outside of Germany for longer than 6 month per year.


Important! Multiple stays abroad will be count together. 


e.g.: December to January stay in your Homecountry, April to Jun internship in Czech Republic, August to September 6 weeks holiday in USA. You oversteped the 6 month. The current residence permit is not valid anymore. You are not allowed to enter Germany without a new valid visa.


Furthermore it is very importand that you ask at the embassy of the country that you are planing to go to about the visa and work permit condititons in good time.


As soon as you have detailed information on your planed stay abroad plese come to the „Hochschulbetreuungsstelle“ and talk with us about the further steps to do for you.


Bevore you leave Germany you can apply  for a permission to re-enter Germany after your stay abroad.


*not in Germany