What does it mean to be a tutor?

The tutor program has been in existence for several years at the University of Augsburg and is organized by ESN Augsburg. All students who are interested in making it easier for foreign students to start life at the University of Augsburg and in Germany can take part.


All tutors are assigned foreign students, for whom they are available as contact persons for all questions concerning studies and the organisation of everyday life in Germany.

  • How do I pay in the Mensa? How does the library work?
  • What is the difference between a proseminar and an exercise?
  • Where can I go out in Augsburg?
  • Where can I buy a used bike?

The advantage for the tutors: they get to know foreign students, develop their intercultural competence and can use their foreign language skills!


You can find further information on the tutoring program on the ESN homepage.

For further information please send an e-mail to: tutorenprogramm@aaa.uni-augsburg.de

Tutor program and "ZIS"

The activity as a tutor can be included in the ZIS - namely in module 3. In order to receive 5 points for the tutor activity, you have to hand in the fully completed tutor report sheet to the responsible student assistant by 31.7. (in the summer semester) or 31.1. (in the winter semester) in the AAA.

The report sheet should be signed by the foreign fellow student you tutored.


Please direct all questions regarding the content, procedure and relevant deadlines of the tutoring program to: tutorenprogramm@aaa.uni-augsburg.de


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