1. Exam registration - What do I need to know?

  • Course registration does not equal exam registration
    Even though you have registered for your courses at the beginning of the semester, you still need to register for the exams. Otherwise you won’t be able to take the exam and you will not receive a grade.
  • Exam registration is essential for your Transcript of Records
    If you do not undertake the exam registration, you will not receive ECTS or a grade at the end of semester and we cannot issue a Transcript of Records for you. To receive your Transcript of Records, it is thus absolutely necessary that you are properly registered for each of your courses exam.
  • Exam registration does not mean it is only relevant for courses with written examinations
    You have to do the exam registration for every course where you with to receive ECTS and grades including courses where you hold presentations, write term papers etc.
  • There are special rules for exchange students
    While regular students at the University register for their exams via the platform STUDIS, exchange students, however, do generally not register for their exams on STUDIS.
  • Exam registration for exchange student is different at each faculty
    Depending on the faculty at which your course is offered, the process for exam registration is different. You can see from the table below („How do I register for my exams?“) how the registration works for exchange students at the different faculties. If you are taking courses at various faculties, you will need to register for the exams in different ways.
  • Not participating in an exam will not be penalized.
  • All the courses for which you take an exam will show up on your transcript, even if you have failed the exam.
  • Registration for exams is only possible in a short period of time (approx. 10 days) in the middle of the semester. You will be notified by the International Office before the registration period begins.
  • Late registration for an exam is not possible.
  • EXAM REGISTRATION PERIOD for the Winter Semester 2021/22
    20 December 2021 until 12 January 2022 (start and end at 12 o’clock noon)

2. How do I register for my exams?

As mentioned above, exam registration for exchange students works differently at each faculty. Here is an overview:


For exams at the Language Center (e.g. German language courses) and exams for the intercultural courses offered by the International Office you will be automatically registered for the exams, so you do not need to do anything. If you do not take the exam, you will automatically be deregistered from the exam. For further information on the Language Center courses, please contact Ms Jung ( claudia.jung@sz.uni-augsburg.de). For further information on the intercultural courses you can contact your lecturer.

To register for the exams, please fill out the excel sheet you can find on the website of the Faculty’s Center for International Relations (CIR) and send it to Markus Seizinger via email within the deadline: https://www.uni-augsburg.de/en/fakultaet/wiwi/cir/courses/exam-organisation/.

You need to sign up for the exam by sending the “Course Certificate for Exchange Students” to Ms Brüggemann: hannelore.brueggemann@jura.uni-augsburg.de. For information about the Course Certificate for Exchange Students” see below in the last row of this dropdown table.

You need to send your “Course Certificate for Exchange Students” (see information on the „Course Certificate for Exchange Students“ below) to the lecturer and you have to register via STUDIS. Please contact the faculty for registration via STUDIS.

You need to sign up for the exam by sending the “Course Certificate for Exchange Students” to the lecturer of the respective course (for information about the “Course Certificate for Exchange Students” see below).

  • For some faculties you will need to register for the exam with a „Course Certificate for Exchange Students“ (see above).
  • How do you get the Course Certificate and what do I do?

    1. You can download the course certificate from your workflow in Mobility Online or via this link.

    2. Fill out a course certificate on your computer (not by hand) for every exam that requires an exam registration via the course certificate .

    3. Send your course certificates to your lecturers/the relevant person as explained above.

    4. Your lecturer grades your exam and writes the grade, the contact hours (SWS), and the ECTS points on the course certificate.

    5. The lecturer sends the Course Certificate to the International Office in order for your Transcript of Records to be issued.


Please note!

  • In case you have any questions on the process or are unsure, please contact us under transcripts.incoming@aaa.uni-augsburg.
  • Register for every exam you wish to take!
    - Late registration for an exam is not possible.
    - Not participating at an exam will not be penalized.
    - All the courses you take an exam for will show up on your transcript, even if you have failed the exam.
  • Not all your lecturers are necessarily used to having exchange students in their classes and might not be aware of the exam registration process for exchange students. Talk to all your lecturers and refer them to the International Office if they have questions: transcripts.incoming@aaa.uni-augsburg.de

3. Transcript of Records

  • The Transcript of Records is the official confirmation of your exchange semester and your academic performance, as well as the basis for transferring credits to your home university.
  • Your transcript will be will be made available for download in Mobility-Online as soon as we have received all your grades (usually within two months after the examination period).
  • In case you need your Transcript of Records urgently, kindly ask your lecturers to grade your exam as quickly as possible and inform your coordinator at the International Office about your circumstances.

Course Certificate for Exchange Students