What does "applying for admission" mean?

In order to complete an exchange semester at the University of Augsburg, you must apply for admission like all regular students. To do this, you must apply through the application portal of the Studentenkanzlei (Registrar’s Office).

When do I apply for admission?

The Studentenkanzlei’s application portal will be opened at the end of May for winter semester and at the end of November for summer semester.

You will receive an info mail from us as soon as you can apply.

How do I apply for admission?

  1. Follow all the steps in the  Studentenkanzlei’s application portal. Since the portal can be hard to understand, please use our Infosheet "Application Help" for assistance!
  2. After completion of the online application form, a PDF file named Antrag auf Zulassung (application for admission) will be generated. Be sure to save this file! Then, print and fill this out and provide your signature. Scan and upload the file to Mobility-Online after once you have done this. 
  3. About one or two weeks after the receipt of your application for admission, the Studentenkanzlei will issue your letter of admission. We will send you a scanned copy of this via email (to you personally) and the original copy to the address of your home university (to your exchange coordinator). Please note: It may take several weeks for the original copy to arrive at your home university.

What do I need my letter of acceptance for?

The letter of acceptance states that you have been granted permission to study at the University of Augsburg. You will also need this for:

  • Arranging your visa at the German embassy in your home country
  • Immatrikulation (enrollment) at the university 
  • Other bureaucratic matters that you will attend to in Augsburg i.e. registering for student health insurance, opening a bank account and etc.