Courses in Augsburg

If you cannot find courses for your department in the course list for exchange students on the website of the WeltWeit program, you still have other course options to choose from:

  • Language courses at the language center (e.g. German or other foreign languages)
  • Intercultural courses for exchange students in German and English, in which you can learn more about Germany and broaden your intercultural horizon.
  • If you cannot find any courses for your major, we recommend taking courses for your minor. Academic courses of the faculties are offered in German and English.

Course registrations usually take place during the first weeks of the semester (sometimes during a certain registration period as well – please check the course information regarding that!). In the period of around 2-3 weeks after the start of the semester, registrations are made via Digicampus. A course change is possible after consultation with the respective lecturer of the new course within the first few weeks and should be done BEFORE the course entry in Mobility-Online. After these first weeks a change of course is not possible anymore.
Note: Course entries in Mobility-Online are made during the 3rd to 4th week of the semester.

However, if you later notice that you do not like a course at all and changing the course is no longer possible, there is also the option of dropping the class. You must inform the International Office about this change or update your courses in Mobility-Online yourself.

Application and Extension

It is advisable to prepare a typical German resume. You can find numerous examples online of what a German resume looks or can look like. Please take the resume seriously; it is your business card! The resume should be meaningful and complete, since it is also used as a decision-making criteria when applying for a WeltWeit study scholarship.

You can study as an exchange student at the University of Augsburg for one or two semesters. If you have already been nominated for just one semester but still want to spend another semester in Augsburg, you can apply for this through the WeltWeit Coordinator after the first few weeks at the University of Augsburg. If it is possible on the part of the WeltWeit team, your home university must officially agree to this extension as well. Overall, a stay of max. two semesters is possible.

In Augsburg

As you already know from the info sheet “First Steps” we recommend some steps that you should take care of as soon as you have arrived in Augsburg. This allows you to settle in relaxed before the courses begin.

First of all, you should meet with your tutor because he / she can help you with many of your first steps. Don't forget to get in touch with the dormitory manager immediately after your arrival and explore your accommodation in detail (washrooms, leisure options, offers, rules, etc.). You should also familiarize yourself with the surroundings of your dorm (where is the nearest supermarket, bank, doctor, etc.)

Other personal first steps in Augsburg include:
Open a bank account, change money if necessary, take out health insurance (if not already done), buy a SIM card and (if necessary) get bed linen and toiletries. In general, you can find all the necessary things for everyday life in the nearest drugstore and supermarket.

We also recommend visiting the campus to allow a simple transition to the beginning of the semester in Augsburg. There are also some important steps which have to be done before the semester begins, such as enrollment, validating the campus card and visiting the cafeteria.

Yes, foreign students are generally allowed to work during their studies. However, some things have to be considered. Most of the exchange students who come from the EU have free access to the labor market. For students who do not come from EU or EEA countries, however, a few regulations must be complied with, since they are only allowed to work in Germany to a limited extent. More detailed information and contacts regarding working in Germany can be found here.

Augsburg has an incredible amount to offer for every taste. The city is one of the oldest in Germany. You can experience remainders from all eras of the city’s history in the historic city centre (e.g. „Fuggerei“, town hall, cathedral). Augsburg is also a very livable city. Markets, parks, squares and the pedestrian zone with numerous cafés invite you to stroll and linger. Culturally, museums, theatres and concerts offer a variety of events. Nature also plays a great role in daily city life and is accessible to everyone. Take a stroll through the Siebentischwald forest or go swimming in one of the local bathing lakes. Or spend your free time hiking, cycling or mountain biking!   Those who like first-class sporting events can attend a football match of FC Augsburg or an ice hockey game of the Panthers. Day trips to Bavarian sights such as Munich or Neuschwanstein Castle round off the recreational activities. Augsburg and its surroundings are definitely worth seeing and experiencing.

Augsburg City Tour / Ceiledh Monk (Carleton University, Canada)