During the week leading up to the beginning of the official lecture period, the International Office hosts several events for its international students to get them acquainted with the university and the city of Augsburg. 


Participation in the orientation events is mandatory for WeltWeit students!

As a WeltWeit student you are automatically registered for the orientation events. In your workflow in Mobility-Online you choose the city tour you would like to participate in (in German or in English).

Tutor Program

The International Office organizes a tutor program for all incoming students in cooperation with the student initiative ESN Augsburg.

The tutors will be allocated in the beginning of March or September and you will receive an email from your tutor soon after.
Participants of the WeltWeit program do not have to apply for the tutor program; a tutor will be allocated automatically.

Additional offers at the University of Augsburg

The International Office has a number of offers that students can take advantage of and get involved in during their stay at the University of Augsburg . These activities offer foreign students the opportunity to get to know their fellow students, improve their language skills and, if necessary, build up intercultural competence.

Offers outside the University of Augsburg