Application Center for Materials and Environmental Research

A Partner for Industry

When it comes do developing new technologies, the University of Augsburg is a rich source. Competencies in materials science and technological potential are transferred without delay by the Application Center for Materials and Environmental Research (AMU) from the Institute of Physics to the industry by

Research activities of the Institute of Physics focus on user-orientated physics of solid bodies and materials research with particular emphasis on

Preferred forms of cooperation with industry are

Not only large companies but also SMEs, not normally maintaining a research department of their own, are welcome to make use of the services offered by AMU. The Institute of Physics, on the other hand, also profits therefrom: its academic experiences are enriched by external impulses, cooperations are encouraged whereby study courses and practice are linked with each other, and valuable additional third-party funds are raised.

Material Mix

The problems dealt with by AMU are as varied as are the companies cooperating with AMU since they produce and process highly diverse materials ranging from building materials to luminescent substances, synthetic materials, compound materials, ceramics and heavy metals.