Women's Delegate of the University of Augsburg

Marion Magg-Schwarzbäcker (Dipl. Soz.)
Universitätsstraße 2 (Zi. 2033)
86135 Augsburg
Tel.: 0821- 598 5145

The Women’s Delegate of the University represents the interests of the scientific female staff of the University of Augsburg. In addition, there exists one Women’s Delegate per Faculty. According to Article 4 of the Bavarian Universities Act, the University is obliged to promote equal rights for men and women as a lead principle and to ensure that existing disadvantages are eliminated. The Women’s Delegates are to support the universities in carrying out this task and further to help avoid disadvantages for female scientists, staff and students.

The duties of the Delegate for the Equal Treatment of Men and Women according to the Bavarian Act on the Equal Treatment of Men and Women consist in representing the interests of the non-academic staff.

The Women’s Bureau supports and coordinates the activities of the Women’s Delegate and is a contact point for female students and scientists seeking advice.

According to our motto “Genders in Balance” we pursue the long-run aim to fill our vacancies on all organisational levels of the university with men and women of all qualifications in equal proportion. Our vision is to make Augsburg University a place of work and study which equally attracts men and women and which will become the most family friendly university of Germany.

In order for this vision to become true a Gender Mainstreaming process was launched in 2003 consisting in the inter-connection between top down and bottom up processes which integrate organisation development and politics of equal treatment of men and women including numerous measures in support of women.

The websites of the Women’s Delegates provide further information on the tasks and fields of activities of the Women’s Delegates and the Delegates for the Equal Treatment of Men and Women as well as the Women’s Bureau together with women-related events and congresses taking place within and outside the university.