For questions regarding the areas


  • Student Information Office (general enquiries)
  • Student Office (questions about application, enrolment, exmatriculation, transfer, etc.)
  •  Examinations Office
  • Scholarships

please call the Student Hotline on +49 (0)821 598-1111.



You do not have to listen to the entire announcement if you dial the numbers (in brackets) for the above-mentioned areas after the hotline number. For example, the Studentenkanzlei can be reached directly via 0821/598-1111---2. After dialling 0821/598-1111, please wait 3 seconds before dialling "Number 2".


Direct dialling of the areas:

  • Student Information Office: 0821/598-1111---1 or 0821/598-1111---5
  • Student Office: 0821/598-1111---2
  • Examinations Office: 0821/598-1111---3
  • Scholarships: 0821/598-1111---4.


The following instructions show you – in German language – how the hotline works. Examples are used to illustrate how to dial individual areas directly (announcement texts do not have to be heard in full when dialing directly). The call time can be considerably reduced by direct dialling, so we recommend using this option.


Questions about our hotline