Center for Didactics at the University (HDZ)

The Center for Didactics is a scientific service institution which provides services to all bodies and institutions of the University of Augsburg. It primarily carries out contract research on topics regarding University didactics. The Center’s work – comprising three consecutive steps - focuses on quality management in teaching.

1. Evaluation of teaching

The Center for Didactics plans and organises the evaluation of courses in different faculties. For this purpose, it develops questioning tools, coordinates interviews, interprets results, makes recommendations and informs the teaching staff concerned as well as the Study Dean.

2. Professional teaching

The Center for Didactics plans and organises scientific further training measures for the assistants of professors which are intended to help them improve their teaching competencies. With regard to content and formalities, these training measures are orientated towards international standards and teaching staff attending those measures can obtain a “Certificate for University Teaching in Bavaria”. Due to a uniform certification, teaching staff will receive a paper proving their didactic teaching competencies which may serve as a proof of their pedagogical-didactic qualification they may need to apply for a job within or outside the University.

The programme offered by the Center for Didactics consists of several modules. It focuses on those competencies which are vital for University teaching staff and comprises the following topics: Teaching competencies, structure and design of courses, presentation and communication, evaluation, examination and advisory service.

3. Advisory Service

The Center for Didactics offers individual advisory service to scientific assistants and assistants of professors which aims to improve their teaching competencies.


Student Fees: Evaluation of effects

Since the summer term of 2007 Center for Didactics has been examining the effects of student fees on study conditions.