study exchange

If you are studying at a foreign university and would like to study at the University of Augsburg for only 1 or 2 terms, you need to apply in these steps:

1)   Online Registration (please select "Abschluss im Ausland" - degree aspired at foreign university). Your online application is successful as soon as you can print the pdf-file "Antrag auf Zulassung/Einschreibung".

2)   Print out the pdf form, complete the application form and sign it.

3a)  If you participate in the exchange program Erasmus+, please mail your application for admission to the Erasmus+ office (

3b) If you participate in the exchange program WeltWeit, please mail your application for admission to the WeltWeit team (

3c) If you participate in another official cooperation (Faculty Programs), for further information please turn to your contact partners at the faculty.

3d) If your home university is not a partner university / cooperation university of the University of Augsburg, but you wish to spend one or two self-organized exchange semesters at the University of Augsburg, you can apply as a free mover. Before applying please read the information on the website of the International Office: Application Process for Free Movers.

Finally, you will receive an admission letter with all the necessary information on enrolment.

You may enrol as an ordinary student at Augsburg University for a maximum duration of 2 terms for a "Austauschstudium ohne Abschluss" (exchange studies without achieving a degree).

For the online application please click here: