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In the business administration degree programme, students not only learn the necessary specialised knowledge, but also deal with many exciting questions that are oriented towards the future challenges for companies, especially in the specialisation phase: How do you optimise operational processes in production, logistics and healthcare? How can data be analysed to create competitive advantages? How do you record an entire company numerically in order to manage it successfully? How do you create a securities portfolio that generates a high return and is sustainable? How can global companies act in a socially and environmentally sustainable way? How can companies successfully face the digital transformation?


The programme is divided into two sections. The first (1st - 3rd semester) serves to acquire indispensable knowledge of business administration and economics, as well as the methods from mathematics and statistics required for this. In the second section (4th - 6th semester), students deepen their knowledge and specialise specifically in different professional fields by choosing a major. Or they focus on global issues and choose one of the two international fields of study, German-French Management or International Business & Economics. The international orientation of the degree programme offers all interested students a variety of opportunities and offers to gain additional experience abroad.

job prospects:

  • data/business analysis
  • logistics/project/process management
  • supply chain management
  • finance/accounting
  • risk management
  • tax consultancy
  • auditing
  • business development
  • digital entrepreneurship
  • marketing
  • sustainability management
  • human resources


Broad spectrum of study subjects during the first segment of your studies, which also includes the economic framework, and various options for specialisation through the three majors and the international fields of study during the second segment. In the study field German-French Management offers the option of acquiring two degrees (at the University of Augsburg and at the Université de Rennes. Various options to study abroad. Top-of-the-line facilities with modern rooms outfitted with computers, Smartboards and software. Orientation phase in the beginning of your studies, individual student counselling, plenty of exercises and tutorials in small groups in order to deepen your understanding of the study subjects, and individual support in seminar and bachelor’s theses. Lectures by businesses, training courses and additional offers in the fields IT, languages and soft skills. Targeted development of critical reflection skills regarding essential topics in society and economy.

Course of studies facts
name: Business Administration
graduation type: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
study mode: full time
start of studies: winter semester
standard period of study: 6 semester
restriction: restricted
german language knowledge (at least): C 1
hints: An application for the 1. subject semester is only possible for the winter semester. The application for higher subject semesters is also possible for the summer semester. Introductory events take place closely before the start of the lecture term: http://www.uni-augs…; start of the lecture term:…
end of application summer semester: 15. January
end of application winter semester: 15. July


Students specialise in one of the three majors Business Analytics & Operations; Finance, Accounting, Controlling & Taxation or Strategy, Marketing & Management. For those students with an international interest, the degree programmes German-French Management (DFM) and International Business & Economics (IBE) offer an alternative opportunity to focus their business studies on international content. The aim is to provide students with professional, linguistic and intercultural skills at the same time. The compulsory stay abroad and the use of English or French as the language of instruction differentiate the fields of study from the specialisations. Application for the fields of study is possible once after the 2nd (IBE) or 3rd semester (DFM) of a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration or Economics.

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