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Geography is a wide-ranging discipline that combines social and natural science issues and methods, focusing above all on the interaction between people and physical environment. The Bachelor's degree programme in Geography teaches the subject-specific fundamentals of physical geography and human geography. Students can set individual focal points by choosing their courses, e.g. climate and biogeography, soil science, population, economics, urban and spatial geography. Central to later opportunities on the labour market is learning concrete working methods using practical examples, for example through field research or work in the laboratory.


job prospects:

  • climate research
  • soil analysis
  • environmental and resource management
  • urban planning and regional development
  • environmental protection
  • development research and aid


Course of studies facts
name: Geography
graduation type: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
study mode: full time
start of studies: winter semester, summer semester
standard period of study: 6 semester
restriction: unrestricted
german language knowledge (at least): C 1
hints: Introductory events take place closely before the start of the lecture term: https://www.uni-aug…. Start of the lecture term: https://www.stmwk.b…. Due to the current situation surrounding corona, the deadline for enrolment will be published on our website: https://www.uni-aug…

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Physical Geography and Climate Science
Senior lecturer and research associate
Human Geography and Transition Research

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