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Philosophy is the mother of all sciences. It is distinguished from all other subjects not by a specific subject area, but by the general character of its questions. The open structure of the degree programme allows personal focal points in the area of the history of philosophy, theoretical philosophy and philosophical ethics, depending on one's interests. The aim of the study programme is to deal independently with philosophical topics and texts, to develop one's own well-considered positions and to represent them convincingly in oral and written form. Philosophy can be studied in Augsburg both as a Bachelor's major and as a minor subject in currently 16 modularised degree programmes.


job prospects:

  • consulting
  • journalism
  • politics
  • human resources
  • science and research
Course of studies facts
name: Philosophy
graduation type: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
study mode: full time
education language: german
start of studies: winter semester, summer semester
standard period of study: 6 semester
restriction: unrestricted (partially with qualification procedure)
german language knowledge (at least): C 1
hints: The deadline for enrollment will be published on our website: https://www.uni-aug… Introductory events take place closely before the start of the lecture term: https://www.uni-aug… Start of the lecture term: https://www.uni-aug…

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Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter
Philosophie: Ethik
Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter
Analytische Philosophie

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Dorothée Haimerl
Studiengänge der Phil.-Soz. Fakultät
Unit I/4: Examinations Office A
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Studiengänge der Phil.-Soz. Fakultät
Unit I/4: Examinations Office A