Teacher Training: Mediation between Religions

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Religiöse Vielfalt prägt wie nie zuvor die Gesellschaft in Deutschland und der Welt, was Chancen wie Religious diversity is shaping society in Germany and the world as never before, which brings with it both opportunities and potential for conflict. As part of the teacher training programme or as teacher, the extension course Interreligious Mediation offers insights into interreligious education and its peace education perspective. Relevant basic knowledge about the monotheistic religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam is taught in order to be put into perspective in the context of other world religions and philosophical traditions.


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As a supplementary study programme, the certificate is aimed at students of education and the humanities, especially students of the teaching profession, trainee teachers and teachers of all subject combinations and school types. The courses of the supplementary study programme ZIM are characterised by interdisciplinary diversity. In the advanced module, lecturers from Jewish and Islamic theology/religious education offer authentic insights into the perspectives of their religions. Other courses are offered by experts in the fields of law, education, biblical theology, systematic theology, moral theology, religious education and didactics, mediation and conflict management, among others. In order to reflect the diversity within the religions, guest lectures from different directions/denominations of the world religions are regularly offered.

Course of studies facts
name: Teacher Training: Mediation between Religions
graduation type: Zertifikat
start of studies: winter semester, summer semester
standard period of study: 2 semester
german language knowledge (at least): C 1
hints: Admission requirements according to § 3 of the regulations for further qualification (see link "exam regulations" below). Introductory events take place closely before the start of the lecture term: https://www.uni-aug…. Start of the lecture term: https://www.stmwk.b….
end of application summer semester: 15. March
end of application winter semester: 15. September

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