Scholarships equal opportunities for women in research and teaching

These scholarships can be awarded for the final phase of a doctorate in the case of above-average performance to women who are pursuing a doctorate at the University of Augsburg. The doctorate must serve as the basis for further qualification for a professorship.


The scholarships are funded by the Free State of Bavaria for realizing equal opportunities for women in research and teaching.

  • Scholarship amount: 1500 €
  • Childcare allowance: 300 € for the first child and 100 € for each additional child under the age of 12
  • Scholarship duration: maximum 1 year


  • Download the scholarship application form
  • Expert reports from two university professors
  • A project description in comformity with scientific practice (topic, task and goal, research methods, preliminary work, work and time schedule, max. 5 pages) as well as a classification of the scholarship in the general career plan
  • If applicable, list of publications
  • (tabular) curriculum vitae
  • Confirmation of the faculty to which the doctoral project is assigned that the doctoral studies have begun or a copy of the certificate of enrollment for doctoral studies
  • Copies of all university certificates achieved so far
  • If applicable, copies of the birth certificates of the children
  • Agreement on the final report (included in the application form) 

scholarship application         


We need your documents in the following form:


Digitally as one connected PDF file:

  • For this, fill out the digital form as, save it as a pdf, and merge it with all other documents (see above) in the above order. The digital version does not need to be signed.

In paper form:

  • We only need the application form printed and signed as well as the original expert reports. Please do not use folders or clear plastic sleeves.

The decision on the applications received is made after a multi-stage review process by the Commission for Research and Junior Academics, of which the University Women's Representative is a voting member.




  • While receiving the scholarship from the above funds, no other scholarship may be received.

  • In special personal situations (e.g. parental leave), the scholarship may be applied for as a part-time scholarship (50%) with a reduced endowment.



  • The funded young female scientists are expected to use their entire working power for their scientific project. However, recipients of scholarships for postdocs, habilitation candidates may have a paid teaching activity of up to 4 SWS in addition to the required teaching activity.

  • Recipients of a scholarship for excellent young academics are allowed to work up to 40 hours per month.

  • Applicants who are employed at Augsburg University at the time of application must take a leave of absence for the duration of the scholarship. The combination of a half-time position (50%) and a part-time stipend (50%) as well as the combination of a part-time stipend (50%) with parental leave are possible.

Participation in the KLeVer-program:

We expect you to participate in at least one workshop offering within the  KLeVer-program (provided there is an offering in English).


Use of the university’s infrastructure:

Unfortunately, you have to take action yourself for this:


  • You need a letter from the faculty or chair you are connected to for submission to the EDP support, which will activate/renew your RZ code.
  • The Zebra can then issue a guest ID card.
  • At the information desk of the Central Library your user rights can be extended to employee status.


Applicants with foreign citizenship:

You can apply if you are integrated into the German academic system, if your center of life is in Germany at the time of application, and if you plan to have an academic career in Germany.




The Women's Representative and the Office for Equal Opportunities are available for advice and assistance with the application process and strongly recommend that you take advantage of this offer.


We wish you all the best for your success!