Shen Chencheng

Comparative Study on Chinese and German History Education (1989-2013)

China and Germany, as two countries torn apart by the Cold War, set up fundamentally different history education systems. Facing with similar challenges since 1989, such as the end of the Cold War, the reunification of country, global integration and technological development, history education of the two countries adopt different coping strategies: centralized Marxist Chinese history education conducted a series of rough reformations, while federalist German history education witnessed only minor changes and quickly overcame the legacy of former GDR. This research project focuses on respective developments of Chinese and German history education within last 20 years considering influence from other international didactic development. Its purpose is to revealing causes leading to different development paths, summarizing features & problems within existing systems and drawing a blue print for their future by systematic comparison on history didactics, history curriculum, history textbook and teaching practice of China and Germany.