English for Conferences

Titel Academic English for Graduate Students
Dozent(in) Alisa Kasle-Henke, B.A., M.A.
Termin Do., 5.Mai, 14.30-17.30 Uhr; Sa., 7.Mai, 9.00-16.00 Uhr; Do., 12.Mai, 14.30-17.30 Uhr; Do., 19. Mai, 14.30-17.30 Uhr; Do., 26.Mai, 14.30-17.30 Uhr 
Gebäude / Raum 5.5.: Raum 1056, Gebäude N; 07.05.: Raum 2127a, Gebäude D; restl. Termine: Raum 2006, Gebäude L

Inhalt der Lehrveranstaltung:

How is your English? Is your English professional and interculturally correct, or do you just guess and hope you get it right? Did you have your last proper English course years ago – maybe even in school? In today’s globalized academic world, professional English skills are an absolute necessity. Academics often complain that they lack professional training in the appropriate modes of communication in English — be it to conduct research, attend conferences, or even just small talk with international visiting scholars. Academic English is more than knowing the correct grammar and vocabulary, it requires the knowledge of the suitable style and form for each situation. Intercultural factors play an enormous role in being an effective communicator in English. In this semi-intensive course we will train a wide variety of communication skills to help you be a more professional communicator in English.

Course objectives

In this course, you will:

·   Develop your small talk and communication skills - knowing how and what to say

·   Have the chance to speak in English freely with an instructor there to correct your mistakes

·   See an improvement in your English vocabulary and grammar as needed in an academic context

·   Practice the appropriate style for emails, and other forms of short written communication

·   Improve your capacity to criticize or make complaints in English without offending the other side

·   Recognize your own cultural background and its influence on communication effectiveness

Who should attend


If you are a graduate student of the graduate school who needs to improve your English, then this course is for you. If you have not had any English at the University level, then this course is for you. If you study art history, history, education, or any other subject in the humanities (other than English), this course is for you. This is a course for people who are far from perfect. If you have an undergraduate degree in America or English Literature or English Linguistics, this course is NOT for you!!!!


The course will be entirely in English with lively discussions and interactions. The trainer is a native speaker with years of language and communication training experience. This communication training in English will not focussing solely on grammar and vocabulary, but these skills will be practiced as well. In this course you will be able to practice your English and learn some useful English phrases necessary for professional communication.


Course Dates:

This course is a Thursday afternoon course for the month of May. There will be one intensive all-day Saturday session on May 7th to immerse you back into English and do an intensive grammar and communication workshop. Students must attend the Saturday session to take part in the weekly course.