Presenting in English


Titel Presenting in English
Dozent(in) Alisa Kasle-Henke, B.A., M.A.
Termin 15/16.März 2013 (13.00-18:00, 09.00-17.00 Uhr)
Gebäude / Raum Gebäude D, Raum 1088
Anmeldung [Anm.: Der Kurs ist bereits voll. Anmeldungen für die Warteliste möglich.]

Inhalt der Lehrveranstaltung

Do you have a conference coming up (in English) and you have a presentation that needs to be practiced? OR have you been to my course before but want to practice a new presentations? Would you like some professional coaching on your presentation? OR have you not yet been to the longer course "English for Conferences" in the past because you lacked the time to come for several days?

This is your chance. This semester break, I will be offering a SHORT WORKSHOP on presenting from Friday afternoon the 15th of March to Saturday the 16th. On Friday I will give those who have never been to a presenting course with me a 4-5 hour workshop on how to present, how to get your point across to an academic audience and how to build visual slides. On Saturday it is your turn to practice your presentation with me and the other graduate students and get an intensive one-day coaching to improve your presentation. If you have attended a presenting course with me before, but have a new presentation to practice, you are welcome to join me for only the Saturday workshop and be coached again. Please contact both me: and Stefan Hartmann if you wish to join. We will keep the group small (6 people maximum) and we already have 2 registrations, so register today to reserve a space.