The Project LeHet

Promoting (Aspiring) Teachers Professional Competencies in Dealing with Heterogeneity

Main idea

Heterogeneity in the educational system appears in various ways and poses big challenges for teachers. The main aim of the LeHet project (Teachers’ Professional Competencies in Dealing with Heterogeneity), which is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) in the programme “Qualitätsoffensive Lehrerbildung”, is to make future teachers as well prepared as possible for those challenges.

The basics are a broad understanding of heterogeneity as well as a there on based theoretical model of teacher competencies in dealing with heterogeneity, which compriseses four competence areas:

(A)          Adaptive teaching on the basis of students’ learning prerequisites

(B)          Individual counselling and support

(C)          Use and analysis of educational media

(D)          Language education and language learning



The central goal of the project is to sustainably develop teacher education at the University of Augsburg towards a comprehensive and effective promotion of prospective teachers’ professional competencies in dealing with heterogeneity. This includes the following sub-goals:

  • Development of suitable teaching/learning offers regarding professional dealing with heterogeneity, and a sustainable implementation in teacher education
  • Increased cooperation and networking between subject didactics, subject disciplines and educational sciences as well as among the three phases of teacher education
  • Further development of practically oriented research and establishment of an interdisciplinary competence network “heterogeneity at school”


Competence Areas

Based on the aims presented and the field of heterogeneity, comprehensive, compatible, interdisciplinary and subject-specific teaching/learning offers are developed and sustainably implemented into the regular study programme.

LeHet aims at promoting professional competencies in dealing with heterogeneity in the following competence areas:

Competence area A: Adaptive teaching on the basis of students’ learning prerequisites

  • Forms of adaptive teaching and individual learning
  • Diagnosis of learning prerequisites in the classroom
  • Subject-specific diagnostic procedures and differentiated student support
  • Deep structures of good teaching

 Competence area B: Individual counselling and support

  • Approaches to learning guidance and learning support
  • Identification of special learning/performance constellations
  • Individual advice and support of students with special learning /performance constellations (subject-specific)
  • Teacher judgments in the context of a heterogeneous student body

 Competence area C: Use and analysis of educational media

  • Media education and media socialization
  • Use and analysis of analogue and digital educational media
  • Didactic possibilities of digital educational media
  • Free educational material from the Internet and Open Educational Resources

 Competence area D: Language education and language learning

  • Linguistic development and language education
  • Linguistic heterogeneity and (teaching-related) differentiation
  • Video-based analysis of lessons
  • Multilingualism as a resource for learning


Project Stucture

LeHet Project Structure English


Additional information and contact

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