Augsburg researcher awarded the German parliament’s 2023 academic prize

Dr. Mechthild Roos

The German parliament has awarded Augsburg researcher Mechthild Roos with the 2023 academic prize. She shares the award of €10,000 with Oliver Haardt. The jury selected Roos, a political scientist in the Chair of Political Science - Comparative Systems Analysis (Europe and North America), from 35 submissions. The president of the German parliament, Bärbel Bas, is expected to award the prize on the 10th of May 2023.

Mechthild Roos is awarded the prize for her work ‘The Parliamentary Roots of European Social Policy. Turning Talk into Power,’ which deals with the beginnings of the European Parliament before the first direct election in 1979. She demonstrates how the European Parliament had already developed political and legislative influence in these early years despite its limited competences. Her work convinced the jury because it represents a considerable contribution to the study of the European Parliament, providing new insight into the developmental logic of European parliamentarism and the process of institutionalising parliaments.

The academic prize (Wissenschaftspreis) was introduced by the German parliament in 1989 on its 40th anniversary and has been awarded every two years since 1997. It recognises outstanding academic work that stimulates the study of parliamentarianism and contributes to a deeper understanding of parliamentary practice. The independent jury, which makes the selection on behalf of the president of the German parliament, consists of nine professors of constitutional law, history, and political science.

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Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin
Comparative Politics (Europe and North America)