Student city Augsburg

Fugger City, Brecht City, Water City, Peace City: why it's worthwhile coming to Augsburg, and not just to study.

Living in Augsburg

Student digs, hall of residence or shared flat - there are many possibilities. How to find a flat or apply for a place in a hall of residence.

Refectory and cafeterias

In addition to the university refectory, there are two cafeterias on the university campus: menu and opening times.


What expenses should I expect during my studies? How can I finance my studies in Augsburg? What scholarships are there for me and how can I apply for a student grant?


The student ID card is your entry ticket to the library, the university refectory and public transport. How to use the different functions.


Starting your studies with your own university shirt? In the university shop you can find not only different shirts and hoodies, but also cups, accessories and other useful or amusing products.