Anyone who wants to successfully tackle their studies has to get organised. No matter whether you want to register for exams, transfer the semester fee or apply for a leave of absence. These topics determine the course of your studies just as much as exams and term papers. On these pages you will find the most important information to help you organise your studies.


The international office offers essential services and advice for international students.


International Office

I’d like to ... 

... know everything about the start of my studies

Where can I find my introductory courses? How do I get a timetable? All the information you need about starting your studies can be found here.

Studierende im Jura-Hörsaal

... be counseled

For various questions and concerns about studying, there are a number of contact points that offer students support in all situations.

Gebäudeansicht Auslandsamt und Studienberatung

... look up deadlines and important dates

When does the new semester start? When can I enrol? When will my aptitude test take place?

Zentralgebäude mit Schriftzug Universität Augsburg

... re-register

Every student at Augsburg University must re-register for a new semester in order to remain enrolled.

Vorlesung im Sigmapark-Hörsaal

... exmatriculate

By exmatriculating, you deregister from the University of Augsburg. This process takes place, for example, after you have completed your studies or if you no longer wish to study in Augsburg.

Straßenbahnhaltestelle Universität

... apply for a leave of absence

Semesters of leave can be applied for, e.g. for periods of illness, a stay abroad, an internship or bringing up children. They do not count as semesters and are not counted towards the standard period of study or the maximum period of study.

Eltern mit Kind im Gras
Student Hotline

General questions? Questions about application, enrolment, re-registration, leave of absence, exams or scholarships?
Feel free to contact us on the student hotline: +49 (0)821 598-1111.

Learn more about the student hotline