Founded in 1970, the University of Augsburg is one of the young reform universities in Bavaria. Eight faculties currently offer more than 20,000 students a broad range of almost 90 Bachelor’s, Master’s and State Examination study programmes in the fields of humanities and social sciences, law and economics, natural sciences and technological and computer sciences, and from October 2019, also medicine.

German Research Foundation is currently funding around 120 projects, the EU around 18 projects on which scientists and scholars from the University of Augsburg are working. Through cooperation agreements with more than 290 universities and research institutions in over 58 countries, the University of Augsburg is networked worldwide. (Status: Summer Semester 2020)

Summer Semester 2020

Total Student Enrollment

Total students: 18,672
    Female students: 10,576 (56,4%)
    Male students:   8,096 (43,6%)

Students Enrollment by Faculty
    Catholic Theological Faculty: 297
    Faculty of Business and Economics: 2,915
    Faculty of Law: 2,837
    Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences: 2,951
    Faculty of Philology and History: 4,529
    Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Materials Engineering: 2,345
    Faculty of Applied Computer Science: 2.712
    Faculty of Medicine: 86


International Students: 1,599 (8.4 %)



Study programmes

Total number of degree programmes: 89
       Undergraduate programmes (including Bachelor): 42
        Postgraduate programmes (including Master): 47



Total number of employees (as of 17.06.2020): 3,987
       1,888 of which are female
       2,099 of which are male

Employees by Employment Type
        Professors: 230
        Lecturers: 1,038
        Academic Support Staff: 777
        Other Employees (Sciences/Arts, part-time): 1,942









Total 2019 budget: € 159.5 million
Which includes:
        Third party funding:   € 26.5 million
        Study grants: € 11.4 million