The exam registration period for the modularised study programmes or modules takes place as follows:


Registration phase for regular examinations or modules:     20 December 2021 – 12 January 2022

(as of 04.11.2021)                                                              (beginning and end 12.00 o’clock - noon) 


Registration phase for repeat examinations:                             23 – 28 March 2022     

(not for exams in economics, geography or theology) (beginning and end 12.00 o’clock - noon)

(as of 04.11.2021)   


Forms and Dates Module Handbooks

You can find all information on work at MHB in the Digicampus in the event Studis-Modulhandbuch. In order to be informed about changes, please register as a participant in the event  "Studis-Modulhandbuch".


Studis Information for chairs


The enrolment data for WS 2021/22 from the Student Office will probably be taken over by the Examination Office at the beginning of December.
Therefore, no changes to the data are yet visible in Studis, and in particular
no registration by first-semester students is yet possible in the Studis system.


What are exams?

By successfully completing examinations in the individual modules of the degree programme, students in Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes collect credit points, which they need to complete their studies. You can find out what is behind these terms and how the examinations in state examination degree programmes are regulated here.

Examination regulations

The requirements for examinations in a degree programme are laid down in its examination regulations. Therefore, students will find important information there, e.g. about the type of examinations, illness or cheating in examinations, requirements for taking examinations, etc. Select the respective degree programme in the legal collection at your faculty.

Module handbooks

Module handbooks describe the structure and content of a degree programme. A module handbook is published for each semester, providing information on the individual courses offered in specific modules. Consult it when selecting your courses and also find out about the conditions for examinations in the individual courses..

Exam registration and grades

How do I register for or deregister from exams? Where can you see which modules you still have to take? Where can you view your grades?
The online portal "STUDIS" allows you to use all these functions. How to use them is described in our STUDIS instructions.

What to do if you have exam anxiety?

Do you have anxiety before or during exams or assessment periods We will be happy to advise you on how best to deal with this.


exams in specified degree programmes

Individual degree programmes feature their own requirements. Please find the relevant information for you on the German version of this page.

Informationen zu Prüfungen


Grade confirmations

This is how you can obtain grade, course or module confirmations.

Average grade certificate

This is how you obtain average grade certificates. You will need these, for example, to apply for a Master's degree programme if you have not yet completed your Bachelor's degree programme.

Certificate of examination registration

This is how to obtain confirmation of registered examinations.

Confirmation of examination dates and rooms

For examinations at the Faculty of Law and Economics

Student hotline

If you have any questions about exams, you can also call our student hotline: 0821/598-1111.


The Examination Office issues preliminary certifications for certificates and documents for legalisation abroad. For other certifications, please contact the Studentenwerk or the Residents' Registration Office.


  • Visiting hours: 8:30 - 12:00 Uhr
  • Phone: +49 821/598 - 1111
  • Email:
  • (Building A2)
    Universitätsstraße 2, 86159 Augsburg