If you want to move to Augsburg to study, there are three options. On the one hand, the Studentenwerk and other providers offer halls of residence. Of course, there is also the possibility of looking for a private apartment or a shared flat on the private housing market. The various living options each bring their own benefits. For those who have not yet decided whether they would prefer to live in a hall of residence, a shared apartment or even their own apartment in Augsburg, we have summarised the benefits briefly below.

 Halls of residence 

Basically, halls of residence are a great way to live cheaply. There are currently three institutions in Augsburg which operate halls of residence:

  1. The Augsburg Studentenwerk

  2. Kolping-Stiftung Augsburg

  3. BLLV-Wohnheim Augsburg-Haunstetten


The Studentenwerk halls of residence offer both single rooms and shared accommodation.


Note: If you are considering a hall of residence as a place to stay in Augsburg, you should apply early. Sometimes there are waiting periods, as places in the halls of residence are very much in demand. You will find all the important information about the application process and the different offers on the websites of the various operators.

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 Private housing market 

If you prefer your own accommodation or a shared flat, you can look for a suitable offer on the free housing market. The Augsburger Allgemeine generally publishes the rental ads on Wednesdays and Saturdays. In addition, the real estate portal of the Augsburger Allgemeine provides an overview of the current housing situation. Furthermore, the Studentenwerk Augsburg offers an advertising exchange with housing offers which are aimed specifically at students.


It is worthwhile reading the notices on the notice boards when looking for a place to live. Here apartment / sub-letting offers are often displayed with size and costs suitable for students. In addition to the advertising portal on the Internet, offers are also published, for example, on the notice board in front of the housing administration office in the foyer of the refectory.

How to decide?

Halls of residence are great because ...

.... they are usually the cheapest alternative. The halls of residence in Augsburg are also near the university, so long trips through half the city are history. In the common rooms you can also quickly establish contacts with your fellow residents. The Studentenwerk accommodation is always furnished.

Shared flats are always an option, because ...

... you will rarely feel bored in a shared flat. You are hardly ever alone and share the kitchen and the living room with other young people. So you make new friends quickly: firstly the people you share with, and secondly their friends. A room in a shared flat is also cheaper than a private apartment.

Your own apartment, because ...

... you can be the ruler of your own kingdom here. In your own four walls, you have complete freedom of choice and don’t have to agree with the people you share with. You couldn’t have more privacy and freedom.