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Sept. 14, 2022

Bowel diseases increase the risk of psoriasis

In Germany, 1.5 million people suffer from psoriasis. A new study by researchers from the Chair of Epidemiology at the University of Augsburg shows that one cause of the occurrence of the disease may be the presence of a chronic inflammatory bowel disease. The results have been published in the journal JAMA Dermatology.

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Hände mitt Schuppenflechte berühren einen Bauch mit Darstellung des Darmes
Sept. 2, 2022

Terahertz waves

In a new study, researchers from the University of Augsburg and Cambridge have published new findings on the detection of electromagnetic waves in the terahertz range in the journal Physical Review B. The new technology could be used in medical diagnostics, contactless security checks or faster wireless data transmission. This could be used, for example, in medical diagnostics, in contactless security checks or also for faster wireless transmission of data.


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Illustration des Spektrum der elektromagnetischen Wellen: Von Radio- und Mikrowellen, über Terahertz, Infrarot, Ultraviolett bis Röntgen.
July 22, 2022

Improving the sustainability of hospitals

A team at the Centre for Climate Resilience is now researching what hospitals need to improve their sustainability. On behalf of the Bavarian State Ministry of Health and Care, the team is developing practical indicators that can be used to measure and evaluate the sustainability of healthcare facilities. The project has funding of 1.8 million Euros from the Free State of Bavaria.

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Handing over the check Green Hospital
July 15, 2022

Ceremonial speeches and honorary doctorates

On 14 July the Faculty of Law of the University of Augsburg celebrated its 50th anniversary. An academic symposium and a ceremony allowed the high-ranking guests to look back on the successful history of one of the university's now largest faculties and provided the setting for the presentation of three honorary doctorates.

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50 Jahre Juristische Fakultät
July 4, 2022

Ploughing and tilling soil on slopes is jeopardising future farm yields

Researchers from the University of Augsburg and Lancaster University are investigating how soil tillage on slopes affects the crop yields of entire regions. The results of their study have now been published in the journal Nature Food.

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Pflug gräbt Acker um
June 17, 2022

Basic research: Novel quantum magnets

Over the next two years, Alexander von Humboldt fellow Dr. Prashanta Mukharjee will be carrying out research on novel quantum magnets. What the team of physicists at the Center for Electronic Correlation and Magnetism at the University of Augsburg hopes to achieve from the research project with regard to quantum information technology and why the guest researcher from India also has an interest in teaching.

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Dr. Prashanta Mukharjee  bei Laborarbeit