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Feb. 7, 2023

New early-career research group “Off the Menu”

The Elite Network of Bavaria is funding a new international early-career research group at the University of Augsburg. From May 2023, it will focus on illuminating culturally shaped eating habits as key sites of environmental transformation and through a culinary lens rethink the environment. The project will be led by cultural historian L. Sasha Gora.

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Gedeckter Esstisch mit zahlreichen Speisen von oben
Feb. 6, 2023

Universalities at the glass transition

In a recently published article in the leading physics journal "Nature Physics", a team of researchers with the participation of the University of Augsburg reports about unexpectedly universal correlations between the thermal expansion and the glass-transition temperature of glass-forming materials, providing new insights into the complex nature of the transition from the liquid into the solid glass.

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Glasproduktion: heißes Glas leuchtet orange
Jan. 23, 2023

Augsburg lab becomes sustainability role model

After a six-month certification process, the six-member sustainability team of environmental medicine is not only proud about having been awarded the highest certification of “green” granted by the non-for-profit organisation “My Green Lab,” but also about winning this year’s so-called Freezer Challenge. This makes the lab one of Germany’s pioneers in sustainability.

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Sustainability team of environmental medicine
Jan. 19, 2023

Prof. Dr Peter Hänggi awarded the 2023 Lars Onsager Prize

As Professor Emeritus of Theoretical Physics at the University of Augsburg, Professor Hänggi has received the award in recognition of his contributions to the development of the Brownian motor and his pioneering contributions to statistical non-equilibrium physics, relativistic thermodynamics, and quantum thermodynamics.

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Porträt von Preisträger Professor Hänggi
Dec. 5, 2022

Network, promote, support

In order to support junior researchers in networking and establishing their research careers, the faculty of mathematics, natural sciences, and materials engineering has established a graduate centre. The centre has supported young researchers in organising events and launching new services.

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Personen im Gespräch
Nov. 17, 2022

Researchers from the Centre for Climate Resilience at the UN Climate Conference COP27

Augsburg researchers working in climate science, climate politics and environmental medicine share their views on COP27

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Building of world climate change conference