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to the Department of Computer Science at the University of Augsburg


You plan to study Computer Science at the University of Augsburg? Then you have made the right decision for your future career! 

In recent years computer science has penetrated all areas of our personal, social and economic life. The use of modern hard- and software systems nowadays influences searches with Google and shopping at Amazon, driving (autonomous) cars, doing the laundry with smart resource-preserving washers as well as all sorts of wired and wireless communication. At the same time, computer science has fundamentally changed the ways and means how companies work and operate.

At the University of Augsburg you can choose from five Bachelor programs and, on top of these, from seven Master Programs  During the Bachelor Programs you obtain a well-grounded education in the basics of Computer Science. Large selections of special computer science and non-computer science topics are at your disposal. After your Bachelor degree you can select one of the Master programs according to your preferences and deepen your knowledge in this area.


The University of Augsburg is also a research university. You can learn more about our current and past research projects by following the research link and the links to the chairs



The website is still in a period of transition. 


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