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The Center for International Relations (CIR) of the Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Augsburg offers its students the opportunity to do part of their studies abroad. It also organizes and supports research-related stays abroad for all members of the faculty. For international visitors, such as exchange students, guest researchers or guest lecturers from abroad, the CIR coordinates their stay at the faculty and is point of contact for every issue.


University of Augsburg

The University of Augsburg is a fast growing top campus university in the heart of Europe engaging in all major fields in social and nature sciences. With the newly founded Faculty of Medicine resulting in significant additional third party funding, the University of Augsburg strengthens Augsburg’s position as a regional and national centre between Ulm and Munich and provides an excellent environment for students to pursue a renowned education and follow a career path that leaves a mark in the world.

Faculty of Business and Economics

Embedded in the beautiful nature campus lies the Faculty of Business and Economics, the second largest department by subject of the University of Augsburg and one of the top five largest business faculties nationwide. It comprises around 4,000 students and almost 200 full-time faculty members.

Study location Augsburg

See what Augsburg as a city with history and rich culture has to offer.

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The corona virus is spreading around the world and by this affecting everyday life and decisions within a couple of hours. Our university management is keeping a close eye on the situation and is prepared to react quickly to current developments in coordination with the responsible authorities. However, despite all precautionary measures, the virus may cause severe disruptions in everyday university and student life in the near future. The CIR therefore explicitly asks you to take into account the information of the University of Augsburg on the corona virus, which you can find here. If you have any further questions, all contact persons of the CIR, which you will find further down on this page, are always at your disposal via email.


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  • No incomings courses will take place in summer term 2020.


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International Courses & Grading

Overview and details about available courses



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  • Lectures: written exam (at least 60 minutes up to 120 minutes)
  • Seminars: written assignment and presentation

The following grading scale is applied to all courses (lectures and seminars) at the Faculty of Business and Economics:


German grade ECTS grade Equivalent Explanation
1,0 A very good Considered an excellent result, seldom achieved, an outstanding achievement
1,3 A
1,7 B good Considered a (very) good result, awarded less requently than the American "B" grade, an achievement which lies substantially above average requirements
2,0 B
2,3 C
2,7 C satisfactory Considered a (rather) good result, and does not correspond with the American "C" grade, an achievement which corresponds to average requirements
3,0 D
3.3 D
3,7 E sufficient  an achievement which barely meets the requirements
4,0 E
4,3 FX not sufficient / failed an achievement which does not meet the requirements
4,7 FX
5,0 F


Please refer to the Grade Distribution in Business Administration.


The Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Augsburg is well-known for its high quality academics and research:


  • 2017: Germany’s largest university ranking of the Centre of Higher Education (CHE) confirmed the constantly high quality of studying business and economics in Augsburg.
  • 2015: The Global Business Management (GBM) Bachelor program was the first and until then only study program that received FIBAA’s Premium Seal for outstanding quality in academics and teaching.
  • 2014: The respected German “Handelsblatt” ranking confirmed that the Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Augsburg is home to many successful scientists reaching up to the top five best German researchers.
  • 2011: The Finance and Information Management (FIM) Master program is awarded with top scores in CHE rankings.
  • 2010: Universum Student Survey 2010 confirmed above-average satisfaction of students at School of Business at the University of Augsburg.


My name is Grace Douglas. I am a senior studying Healthcare Management & Policy, with a minor in Russian and East European Studies with Russian certification. I studied in Augsburg Sommersemester 2017. Before this semester abroad, I had studied German for five semesters, which helped me a lot in everyday living in Augsburg, but a great thing about this exchange program is that you do not need to be fluent in German. Having a background knowledge in basic German was very beneficial, but Augsburg University offers German language courses for students who have no previous knowledge of the German language. I highly recommend taking advantage of these German language courses.

This was an amazing opportunity for me to continue my studies in healthcare operations management but from an international perspective. Since I plan on working abroad, hopefully in Germany, this was an essential experience. Because of this exchange between Indiana University and the Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche (WiWi) Fakultät (faculty of business and economics), I have increased my knowledge of German culture and etiquette, as well as my skills in the German language.


One course that I took that made an impact on me was a Topics in Global Business course. In this seminar course, I truly got to experience the difference between US and German higher education. This course required students to be very self-reliant. There were only approximately 5 lectures, and the rest of the semester you were supposed to just conduct independent research and write your paper during your own planned time.

In the US, you have class regularly, and there is usually a more specific topic you must complete your research paper over. In my Topics in Global Business seminar course at Augsburg University, the overarching topic was “Corporate Social Responsibility.” Out of a list of sub-topics, I chose “CSR and Firm Risk.” This course was a great opportunity to plan my own paper based off of personal academic interests.


I am very thankful that I was able to go on this exchange program to Augsburg University for a semester. Because of this experience, I have decided to come back to Germany to complete my Master’s degree. I hope many other students from my university take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Contact Person

Dr. Christina Bartenschlager
Head of International Affairs
Center for International Relations
  • Phone: +49 821 598 4318
  • Email:
  • Room 2601 (Building J)
Such a great welcoming city and university that makes you already starting to plan to moving there for the rest of your life.

Mehmet Atlihan (Dokuz Eylul University, Turkey) visited Augsburg in summer term 2018

This was an amazing opportunity for me to continue my studies in healthcare operations management but from an international perspective. Because of this exchange between Indiana University and the Faculty of Business and Economics, I have increased my knowledge of German culture and etiquette, as well as my skills in the German language.

Grace Douglas (Indiana University Bloomington, USA) visited Augsburg in summer term 2017

The seasons may change but the memories in Augsburg will remain.

Enid Quiroga-Cobos (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico) visited Augsburg in summer term 2018