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The procedure and the required proof of health insurance for enrolment will be changed for the summer semester 2022. You will receive up-to-date information here shortly.





Students must have health insurance during their studies. A corresponding certificate must already be presented at the time of enrolment. Find out what you need to take into account. Students at the university are insured for accidents that occur in connection with their studies. Find out below in which cases this applies and how to report an accident.

Health insurance

Every applicant must submit an insurance certificate from a statutory health insurance fund to the university upon enrolment. This also applies to privately insured persons!


Statutory health insurance

The insurance certificate must confirm whether the applicant is insured there, exempt from insurance, exempted from compulsory insurance or not subject to compulsory insurance. Applicants receive the insurance certificate required for enrolment from the health insurance provier with which they are insured as a member or family member at the beginning of their studies or are expected to be insured.


Private health insurance

Applicants who are subject to compulsory insurance and who are privately insured must apply for exemption from compulsory student insurance. The application for exemption must be submitted to the statutory health insurance company with which insurance was last in force, or otherwise to one of the health insurance companies which would be responsible or could be chosen if insurance were compulsory. Confirmations of the existence of insurance by a private insurance company cannot be recognised.


Exemption from insurance or no compulsory insurance

Applicants who are exempt from insurance or not subject to insurance and who are not insured in the statutory health insurance at the beginning of their studies will receive their insurance certificate from the health insurance company with which they were last insured.

Change of statutory health insurance

Students who change their statutory health insurance during their studies must notify the university immediately. At the same time, an insurance certificate from the newly chosen health insurance company must be submitted to the Student Office of the University of Augsburg.


Please note: Students of the University of Augsburg who transfer to a doctoral programme must also submit a corresponding insurance certificate when transferring. 


Casualty insurance

Upon enrolment, students (with the exception of visiting students) are insured under the statutory casualty insurance during their education and training at the university. The insurance cover extends to all accidents that occur in a causal connection with the studies. Accordingly, students are insured during their participation in courses. The insurance cover also includes the way to school and the way to and from the place where a school event takes place outside the university. Not covered by accident insurance, however, are, among other things, private and teaching-related work at home or outside of timetabled courses as well as study-related stays abroad, insofar as these are not compulsorily prescribed by examination regulations. Furthermore, internships that are completed in connection with the studies are also not insured. It is irrelevant here whether the internship is prescribed by the examination regulations or is voluntary. The company providing the internship is responsible for the accident insurance of a student who is doing an internship.


The provider of the statutory accident insurance is the Free State of Bavaria, represented by the Bayerische Landesunfallkasse (Ungererstr. 71, 80805 Munich, Tel.: 089 36093-0).

In order for the insurance carrier to ensure the earliest possible and most effective medical treatment and to make the necessary determinations regarding benefits, it must be notified of every accident without delay.


The report must be made to the Bayerische Landesunfallkasse within three days of the university learning of the accident. For this reason, all accidents that occur in the university area of the university, including the way there and back, must be reported immediately to the Student Information Office ( Studierendeninformationsbüro) by the persons concerned themselves (or by a person authorised by them). The insurance carrier is only able to provide benefits if the accident has been reported in time.


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