UPD 11/19 – 25 January 2019 press realease of the University of Augsbu


Ranking by the magazine Wirtschaftswoche confirms the University of Augsburg’s high reputation as employer in the city and the region


Augsburg/CH –

For the people of Augsburg the University of Augsburg is one of the most valuable employers for the common good. This is the result of a recently published survey by the magazine Wirtschaftswoche. The University, which is the one of city’s largest employers with over 4.000 employees, takes the third place in this ranking.


"This result makes us very happy“, says the president Prof. Dr. Sabine Doering-Manteuffel. It reflected „that the public’s attention is not only on economically strong businesses. The people also appreciate the value of science and research. They see that the University brings new knowledge into the city and the region and they understand: working here means sensing the pulse of science.“ Economic scientist Prof. Dr. Peter Welzel, vice president for research and international matters, adds further: "Our most important resource is in fact the people working here.: our students, but not least also our employees – both those who are active in teaching and research and those who have responsibilities and research support.“ Working for science offered an exciting environment to everyone.


Diverse, family friendly, healthy


The University’s influence is not limited to purely academic knowledge: with almost daily public events it enriches culture and the social discourse. It cooperates with partners from the economy as well as educational and social institutions. The University furthermore offers a very pleasant work environment. The park on the premises invites to walks during breaks and the local services cover most common needs. Options for individual development is another one of the University’s strong suits: its own employee training, occupational health management, conflict counselling and, last but not least, university sports.


The university has signed the charter “Familie in der Hochschule“ (family in the university). A flexitime agreement improves the ability to combine life and work. A day care centre for the children of employees and students is situated directly on campus.


More than 4.000 employees


At the moment the university has 1.243 employees in teaching and research, among them 220 professors. They are supported by 718 employees in research support and related responsibilities. Over 2.000 further employees work for the University in part-time, for example as lecturers or assistants.


In order to compile this employer ranking the magazine Wirtschaftswoche asked people across the nation to name and rate the „most valuable employers for the common good in the region“. The goal was to determine the impact of businesses and institutions on their region. The focus in this survey was not economic prowess. Essential for the rating was the influence on the region and the position in society.

Ensuring that studying is possible with children is just as important for the University as the compatibility of family and career. In order to fulfil this goal students and employees get support through various offers, information and counselling. In 2014 the University of Augsburg and 46 more universities and colleges have made a binding and public pledge to increase their family-friendliness and signed the  charter "Familie in der Hochschule". The central contact for this topic is the Familienservice.

Fotograf: Andreas Brücklmair

Offers for employees and students