Tips for International Students - How do I finance my studies in Germany?


The university charges a fee for the semester ticket and the student services fee. You can find the current amount of the fees here.

Scholarships for degree-seeking students

  • You have to apply for scholarships.
  • Funding is only possible after studying at the University of Augsburg for at least two semesters.

  • You can only apply if there’s an open tender.
  • You can find open tenders on the Internet on the "News" page of the International Office

  • Tenders are also posted, e.g. at the scholarship office.

  • Submit the required documents in full.

  • Note the application deadline.

If you are unsure about the form of application, you can get advice at the International Office.


Advice at the International Office

Head of
International Office
International degree-seeking students | Certificate for Intercultural Key Qualifications
International Office


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Advice in the scholarship department

Karin Bintakies

Advice of the Studentenwerk Augsburg