An essential prerequisite for success in the acquisition of high-quality third-party funded projects is convincing, relevant, and high-quality published preliminary research. This demonstrates the expertise of the applicants and reduces the risks associated with funding from the perspective of the funders. This applies to all funding formats and funding bodies important to the university, including individual grants (e.g., DFG and ERC grants) and coordinated research projects (e.g., DFG doctorate programmes, DFG research units, and Collaborative Research Centres).

This internal university funding programme is therefore exclusively aimed at supporting the publication of preliminary research required for more extensive proposals for third-party funding, particularly in international, peer-reviewed publications, as well as supporting the preparation of third-party funding proposals.

The programme is thematically open. Professors who have not been relieved of their duties as well as non-professiorial faculty members who hold a doctorate are eligible to apply. The allocation procedure is strictly quality- and research-oriented. The procedure for the allocation of funding is carried out by a selection committee in cooperation with the faculties. External, anonymous reviewers are also involved. A written application must be submitted following the DFG format. Further details are set out in the following call for research proposals.


Published now is the 2023 call for proposals, which closes on 15 October 2023. We are looking forward to receiving your applications.


The 2022 call is expected to fund 15 seed-funding projects from all faculties that are aimed at various third-party funding applications - including quite a few that are aimed at applications for research groups, research training groups and ERC grants. Among them are also seed-funding projects for which young researchers with doctorates are responsible.

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